FFS have an extensive portfolio of case studies, some of which are shown below.
Select any of the projects below to find out about the scope, variety and success of the projects that we have previously completed along with current projects.

Educational Projects


  • Thomas Deacon Junior Academy

    Thomas Deacon Junior Academy

  • Gladstone Primary School

    Gladstone Primary School

  • Ravensthorpe Primary School

    Ravensthorpe Primary School

Secondary / Academies

  • Wolverhampton Girls School

    Wolverhampton Girls High School

  • Nottingham Academy

    Nottingham Academy

  • Toot Hill School

    Toot Hill School

  • Fulwood School

    Fulwood Academy

  • St. Peters Collegiate School

    St. Peters Collegiate School

  • Farnborough School

    Farnborough School

    ©Farnborough Image

  • Greenhead College

    Greenhead College

  • Bluecoat School

    Bluecoat School

    ©Bluecoat Image

Special Education Needs / Free schools

  • Nottingham Free School

    Nottingham Free School

  • Fountaindale Special Education Needs School

    Fountaindale (SEN)

Commerical Projects

  • The Coffee Shop - Bury

    The Coffee Shop - Bury

  • Blackpool Zoo

    Blackpool Zoo

Residential Projects

  • Imola Anthracite


  • Bedroom Showroom

    Bedroom Showroom


  • Salford Food Tech Refurb

    Classroom Refurbishment